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Super Keylogger Super Keylogger allows you to secretly record all user's activities on a computer, such as web sites visited, conversations on ICQ, MSN, AOL, AIM and Yahoo Messenger, or emails, every key pressed, and even take snapshots of the entire Windows desktop at set intervals, just like a invisible surveillance camera.

Super Keylogger offers you remote installation capabilities. With Super Keylogger, you can simply build remote installation package by combing it with games, flash exe files, puzzles or any exe you want. Also you can configure the number of days after which Super Keylogger will uninstall itself automatically. Once you send the remote keylogger file created with Super Keylogger to a remote PC, the user of that computer will run the game, puzzles etc and Super Keylogger will install itself and send you reports at configured time intervals! Super Keylogger is the perfect solution for parents with tech smart children!

Super Keylogger is a professional stealth remote surveillance application that is completely undetectable. During monitoring sessions Super Keylogger is completely invisible and cannot be seen or detected by any user! With Super Keylogger running all information will be captured from the monitored computer and recorded in complete stealth mode.

Sale Price: $99.00

Super Keylogger Features

  • Remote Install
    Super Keylogger allows you to remotely install the monitoring module through an email attachment (no physical installation needed) without the user recognizing the keylogger at all.

  • Keylogger Uninstall
    User can set number of days in remote installation package after which Super Keylogger will uninstall itself automatically.

  • Log Delivery
    Automatically & invisibly sends logs to a predefined email address on customizable intervals. No SMTP server required to send the log emails. Automatically & invisibly sends logs to a predefined FTP address

  • Recording
    Super Keylogger records applications activity showing you which programs were launched. Super Keylogger records absolutely all keystrokes, including system keys, records all passwords, including passwords to e-mails and websites, logs both sides of chat (Yahoo Messenger / Msn Messenger). Super Keylogger monitors Internet activity, websites and web-pages visited, records desktop activity by taking snapshots of the monitored desktop at customizable intervals, captures all e-mails sent on monitored PC, no matter if it is Outlook or any other e-mail client, or the mail is sent using web-interface. Each entry in the log is accompanied by detailed information (time, date, username, application, etc)

  • Miscelaneous
    Super Keylogger has implemented a unique un-hiding mechanism, so you can choose any secret word to uninstall it. Super Keylogger is automatically started at system boot and doesn't need much system resources. Super Keylogger monitors all users on the monitored PC.